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Wedding Accessories for Your Summer Wedding

Wedding Accessories for Your Summer Wedding

Posted by Joan - Your Wedding Style Advisor on 4th Apr 2017

Wedding Accessories

Welcome back! In our last blog post we had a look at some gorgeous wedding hair accessories for the Bride who is having a summer wedding. We thought we would continue the sunny theme & have a look at some fabulous bridal accessory ideas.

When undertaking our research for this blog post we came across some wonderful quirky wedding superstitions so we thought we would share them with you.

Anyone who suffers from arachnophobia look away now …according to folklore, it is the best of luck omen for the bride to find a spider in her wedding dress on her actual wedding day. Not sure that all brides would agree with that one!

This is much nicer – It is considered good luck for the bride to cry on her wedding day, as this symbolises that she has shed all her tears and will not have to weep her marriage.

And, last but by no means least how about this belief ….. Once the vows have been exchanged the kiss was a means by which to swap a part of each other transferring a part of themselves into the other’s soul so that their spirit can dwell in their spouse for all time. … Romantic or not…. You decide!

Wedding Accessories to bring you good luck

Every Bride needs a little luck on her wedding day & these wedding horseshoes are just the ticket! There are some fabulous designs to choose from so you are guaranteed to find one to suit any wedding day theme from shabby chic to vintage, traditional to modern. The wooden horseshoe can also be personalised by adding the Bride & Grooms name & wedding date, it is also available in 12 different colours & the best bit? a bargain at under £20!

We could not feature all the different wedding accessory gifts on offer but before we leave this section we just wanted to mention Wedding Rolling Pins & the mystery of why it is tradition to give one as a wedding gift. All we could find during our research was that in the 40's and 50's, & the early 60's, you gave the bride a rolling pin. Perhaps this was because we had not entered the age of fast food & as such we baked everything from scratch therefore every 'wife' needed a good rolling pin? 

OK let's move on ............

Wedding Accessory Gifts For The Bride

If you are the Chief Bridesmaid or bridesmaid then top of your wedding accessories list to buy is a bridal garter - it is a big responsibility one not to be taken lightly & wow what a job as there are so many fabulous designs available! Sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin but the first question will be is the garter a fun gift for the Hen night or are you looking for a special keepsake gift for the Bride? Once you have answered this you will be well on the road to choosing the right one & do not forget wedding garters need not cost the Earth, these days you can find some lovely simple but elegant designs which are handmade in the UK from as little as under £20 .... so shop around! Personalised gifts for the bride are unique and ours are handmade especially for her so go on think of something special to write that will make her great.

Here's a small taster of some lovely wedding gift ideas:

The Must have Wedding Accessories For A UK Wedding

Let's hope it is sunny but just in case especially with the inclement weather we have been having in the UK over the past few years take out an insurance policy by adding Wedding Umbrellas to your must have wedding accessories list. Bridal brollies are now available in a variety of fabulous colours, heart shaped or traditional round, umbrellas are practical & versatile fit for rain or sun & of course you can use them time & again after your big day.

Phew! That's it for this blog post ..... have you been inspired? If you are planning your summer wedding & would like some help or advice about choosing you wedding accessories then just give the Aye Do team a call on 01506 467857 or email info@ayedo.co.uk we are here to help!

Until next time - thanks for spending the time with us.

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