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Summer Wedding Inspiration & Accessory Ideas

Summer Wedding Inspiration & Accessory Ideas

Posted by Jackie - Your Wedding Style Advisor on 10th Apr 2017

A Real Life Summer Dream Wedding

The Summer wedding season is in full swing & so far what a year it has been! Hopefully most of the brides have been able to enjoy the glorious summer sun (makes a change from the past few years) as they walk down the aisle to become Mrs ......

To help you create your summer wedding theme & inspire you with gorgeous wedding accessories we have another real life bride guest blogger; meet Laura who married Paul in March.Laura has kindly shared her fabulous wedding day photos taken by the talented Caroline Lavelle-Nicholson. Laura & Paul chose a New York City themed wedding for which she used a wonderful sage green & cream colour scheme. Our roving reporter aka The Aye Do Blog Gnome interviewed Laura to find out about her wedding day & here she shares her story ........ let the fairytale in New York begin .................. and their dream became reality......

wedding accessories

(We love the gorgeous wedding jewellery Laura wore, a simple stylish look is just perfect for a summer wedding.)

What date did you get married?We got married on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at 1430

wedding dress accessories

How you met your husband? We had been chatting for a good few months as friends and realised that we should definitely meet up. So we arranged to meet up and we realised very quickly that we really liked each other as more than friends and it went from there.

Together for ever from this day forward ............

wedding earrings

How did you style your bridesmaids & how many did you have?

I had 2 bridesmaids. One was my future Sister in Law and the other a close friend from my school days. I kept with the green and cream colour scheme and they wore long green dresses. We did however have a bit of stress with the dresses in that I thought I would be clever and buy dresses in advance, without them being there as they were the perfect style (and price) and of course they didn’t fit and of course I left the trying on until the last minute. This meant a very last minute rush for new dresses. Both my bridesmaids were different shapes and sizes so shop bought at this late stage wouldn’t have worked so I contacted Sandy at San Design Dressmaker and she came to the rescue! She found the exact colour I wanted and made my dresses to measure in 4 weeks and I collected them 2 weeks before the wedding. One bridesmaid didn’t try hers on until a week before the wedding, thankfully it fit perfectly!

Now that's how to wear your wedding accessories girls!

wedding accessories for the bride and bridesmaids

Where did you get married?
We got married at Orsett Hall Hotel in Essex. The ceremony was held in their Wedding Chapel which had only opened a few months before! We

had seen it briefly during a visit in the building phase so the wedding ceremony was the first time I had seen the finished product so to speak and it was amazing! Such a lovely room!

Where was the reception held?The Reception was held in the Gold Room at Orsett Hall Hotel. I had loved this venue for years, even before I got engaged so to be able to get married there was a dream for me. As soon as I walked into the room I knew it was to be our location and we even changed our colour scheme to work with the room!!

New York New York in sage & cream .... soooo sophisticated

orsetthall wedding venue green and cream

orsetthall essex wedding venue

What was your wedding style, theme colour? Our love of New York City was always going to be part of the day! We have been there twice and its such an amazing place! We wanted to wedding to be about 'us' we we originally planned on having a swish black and white colour scheme to go with the NYC theme. However, upon seeing the Gold Room at Orsett Hall we instantly realised that black and white would be too harsh for the venue so we changed it to sage green and cream. We did however keep the NYC theme, that wasn’t going anywhere!!!

wedding sationery

We were lucky enough to have an amazing stationery designer (Zoe from Bunny Delicious) who was amazing with assisting me with my vision for the day and made all the amazing stationery to fit with the NYC theme. Then I also worked with Karen, from Rose Blossom Florist to design the flowers. I wanted to stay with the theme but also the venue so the bouquets were quite classic with cream and green flowers and foliage being used. We did however keep the NYC theme going with the centre pieces. We had tall vases which were filled with apples to signify the 'Big Apple' and it looked amazing and the whole room came together beautifully. My cake was also a work of art! It was designed by The Sugar and Spice Cake Company in Essexand was made to fit in with the NYC theme so had the skyline along the bottom tier and a NYC taxi on top (we have kept that), it was also delicious!!! I didn’t want to see it cut up! I was so so chuffed when I entered the room before the Reception started!!!

Sage green & cream a glorious inspired choice by Laura & Paul

We can see you .....

wedding hari accessories

The wedding party at Orsett Hall Essex

orsett hall wedding venue

bridesmaid and best man wedding accessories

It's my party don't you know

lovely wedding photographer images

Best buy

There were a few but for different reasons. The first was my fur shawl. This had been bought as a 'just in case' option for the wedding but on the day it was damp and VERY cold so it ended up being a god send!!!
The next was the flip flops for the Evening Reception. My husband didn’t think they would take off and that it would be a waste of money, however on the night they were a hug success! Many wore them while dancing and others took them home as a memento of the day :) I would recommend it if you can!

wedding horseshoes

Remember your lucky wedding horseshoes.

Finally I would say getting a photo booth for the Evening Reception was the best idea EVER!!! I was concerned the reception could end up being a bit dull with just a DJ so we got the booth and it was a massive success! We went for an option that also included a photo book and a attendant. He would take the photos and place them in the album for people to leave messages (in place of a traditional Guest Book) and its brilliant! The photos and comments are amazing, I would definitely recommend it!

Special touches

We got the guests personalised M&Ms as favours as we thought they would go down better than a small token many would forget to take home. Many hadn’t seen them before and the kids loved them. We also had a wedding website which had every detail needed for the wedding instead of huge information booklet style invitations and people loved this as they could come back to it whenever they needed to. We got my father and the Ushers some caricatures as gifts from Mickey Toones and they were amazing! The pictures of my Dad received his during the Reception are hilarious!! I would also count the flip flops and photobooth among the special touches too. We wanted to make the day as fun as possible!

funny Father of the Bride speech

You're my first, my last ... my everything .....

I wish I'd known

Just how quickly the day would go once we left for the ceremony!! I know they say the day goes quick but it was mad! The morning preparations were ok, didn’t drag and didn’t go quick however as soon as left for the ceremony the day seemed to speed by. It was all so worth it though :)

Top tip for B2B's

Its been said time and time again but enjoy the day and try to take everything in!!!

Try to remember important photos such as pictures with your parents etc.

Don’t worry about a thing on the day! Leave everything with your wedding coordinators etc as it goes too quick to be worrying about the small things.

If possible really delegate jobs to others. We had glow sticks and bubbles and neither were used in the evening until really late as I forgot to tell someone about them so they were in a box until one of the children asked to use them!!!!

Any other special things you would like to tell us

It was such an amazing day!! I had been planning this wedding for years both in my head and also in practice after getting engaged. I had spent so much time getting everything together and seeing it all there on the day was amazing especially as it all matched and looked so good! Another special moment was when my Dad came into the room once I was all dressed. He is emotional at the best of times, we both are, but I have never seen him look so proud, happy and sad all at the same time, lots of tears (all caught on camera) - it was a lovely moment though :)

Thanks Laura & Paul

A big thank you to Laura & Paul for sharing their wedding day with us, the Team at Aye Do wish you all the happiness, good health, good luck & oodles of fun in your life together. We also extend our thanks to Caroline Lavelle-Nicholson who allowed us to use her stunning photos.

beuatiful wedding image of bride

Thank you also to you our Blog Post followers, we hope you have been inspired by this dream wedding - if you need any help please do let us know! Just drop us a line or give us a call .... email: info@ayedoweddings.co.uk, telephone 01506 467857 ..... come & visit us today at www.ayedoweddings.co.uk - have fun choosing your summer wedding accessories!

Aye Do: Delightful summer wedding accessories for your special wedding day.