Sicily Wedding Veil (ic)

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Figertip length satin ribbon bridal veil - The Sicily veil is a stunning fingertip length veil with traditional European styling featuring a stitched satin ribbon. Gorgeous with satin and lace wedding dresses and creates a sophisticated style. • Individual layer lengths 30" + 42", combined length 72" (76.2 cm + 106.7 cm, combined 182.9 cm) Width 72" • Made using finest luxury extra sheer tulle • Hand stitched to a metal comb as this provides a high quality way of attaching to any hairstyle with ease and comfort • The edging is a classic cut edge • This veil features a folded blusher (it is all one piece of oval fabric folded to create a beautiful effect of a double layer veil cascading over the shoulders) • Featuring a 2 cm satin ribbon stitched inside the edge so it cascades down around the shape of the veil • Available in Ivory or White

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