Marcia Wedding Headband (ic)

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Pleated Diamante Bridal Headband – A truly fabulous design & not surprisingly one of our regular best selling headpieces. Rhodium plated (for a darker antique silver finish) vines playfully interweave with each other, all have been lavishly decorated with Swarovski crystals (which have been cut with facets so that they mimic the sparkle of diamonds) & cut solitaire stones. In turn the detailing is attached to soft ivory organza ribbon. The design of this wedding headband means that this is a very versatile flexible hair accessory; it can be worn over the top of your head like a tiara, across the forehead giving a modern / Bohemian look, it can even be worn as a choker or can be used to decorate your bridal gown – the list is endless & the choice is yours! Measures approx 3cm at the highest point.

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