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​Wedding Letter Lights

​Wedding Letter Lights

Posted by www.thewhitebulb.com on 26th Feb 2018

Wedding Letter Lights - by The White Bulb

If you’ve been a bit lost in your own little ‘Wedding Planning’ world lately – and believe me, I KNOW how easy it is to get caught up in that bubble – then you may have missed the latest wedding trend… the marquee letter light. Inspired by vintage signage, these letters are proving to be a big hit with brides at the moment and show no sign of fading from the limelight.

The White Bulb love wedding light signThe White Bulb bar marquee wedding letter lightThe White Bulb wedding light sign with roses heart

About 4 months before I got married last year, I was procrastinating on Pinterest (as you do) and came across some letter lights on a wedding related board. I knew from the moment I saw them that somehow I needed to incorporate them into our day. I contacted all the local suppliers of lights but they didn’t have our initials available. After one company asked if there were any other initials we could use (seriously) and in a moment of mad ambition, I convinced my husband-to-be that we could make some ourselves – and from that moment, The White Bulb was borne.

The White BulbFree standing letter lights 175cm The White Bulb single letter with flowers marquee wedding letter light

As well as supplying large letter lights for hire around the Yorkshire region, we also offer a unique range of smaller table top letter lights – perfect for venues where space is at a premium, or perhaps you just can’t justify spending £200+ on something you don’t even get to keep after use.

Fancy your initials or MR & MRS for your top table? Perhaps a cool BAR and CAKE sign? All perfectly doable. We’ve even launched a range of flower letter lights for those of you who are going for the more rustic wedding. As all our letters are made bespoke, it means we can tailor the colours to match your wedding scheme – creating another piece of memorabilia of your big day that you can keep for years to come.

The White Bulb CAKE marquee wedding letter lightThe White Bulb single letter and heart with flowers marquee wedding letter light

If you’d like any more information about our letter lights it’d be great to hear from you; you can either get in contact via our website or Facebook / Twitter – but be warned, I do like to natter ;) Here's our site with lots of great ideas too : www.thewhitebulb.com