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Wedding Jewellery - The Do's and Don'ts Revealed

Wedding Jewellery - The Do's and Don'ts Revealed

Posted by Jackie - Wedding Style Guru on 4th Apr 2017

How To Make Your Wedding Jewellery Choices

Your wedding day is the most special precious day of your life & you want everything to be just perfect. Something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue - if you have a family treasure to wear then great - job done! but most of us are not that fortunate & so the hunt for our wedding jewellery accessories begins!

wedding jewellery

OK but where do I start?

In this blog post we aim to help you find your dream wedding accessories by providing a few hints and tips on finding your ideal wedding jewellery accessories whether you just want a wedding necklaces, a pair of bridal earrings or a wedding bracelets, indeed you may be looking for it all ..... & more as you consider jewellery for your bridesmaids too. So please read on we hope you will be inspired!

Wedding Jewellery - rule no 1

Not so much of a rule just a commandment - Thou must have fun!

have fun - wedding jewellery

Yes you read it correctly - FUN! Choosing your wedding jewellery should be one of the fun things to do as you bring together all of your plans for your wedding day. Take your time, do not leave it to the last minute, your chosen bridal jewellery should have a home for life not just your wedding day & as such you should look forward too wearing it on other special occasions to remind you of your the day you said 'I do' or as we say in Scotland Aye Do!

OK so that was a bit of fun but hopefully with a serious message too - enjoy your wedding planning! But where do you start? well unless you have already bought your dress then you are not ready for the wedding jewellery journey as this should be the fist thing you buy. Once you have your wedding theme arranged & dress purchased then you can start thinking about all of the bridal accessories that need to come along. So let's move on with some more of our do's & don't s.

Choose wedding jewellery to compliment the shape of your face

Did you know that there are 4 main basic shapes to a face? Nope we didn't either until we started researching for this blog post. So we thought it would be a great idea to share our findings with you. By understanding your face shape this should allow you to choose wedding jewellery which compliments not overshadows you.

Round Face Shape - if this is you wow you are lucky as you can almost get away with anything! Triangular & rectangular shapes will work well, long earrings really add the wow factor & make the most of your gorgeous round face features. Necklaces will also length your face but do steer well clear of short styled necklaces & especially chokers.

wedding earrings

Oblong / Rectangle Shaped Face - try choosing accessories which shorten your neck or face. Round & oval styled earring are particularly good for you although you can also wear drop wedding earrings too. Chokers can really add the wow factor for you.

square face earrings

Square Face shape - look for jewellery which will soften your shape giving an appearance of curves & a roundness to your face. Best to avoid angular styled wedding jewellery, drop especially teardrop earrings are great idea & waterfall design necklaces & pendants will have your H2B gasp with delight as you walk down the aisle.

pearl earrings

Heart Shaped face - again teardrop earrings look wonderful on you as do chandelier style earrings too. Try to avoid short drop earrings though, the general rule being the longer the better. Look for two or three strand necklaces or even chokers as they will accentuate your heart face shape qualities.


We hope that has helped so armed with all of this information off you go!

Well .... not quite .... we have few more do's & don'ts for you to think about... read on ....

More Wedding Jewellery Hints for the Bride

Your hair style is hugely important especially when looking for your dream wedding earrings - there is little point in spending your hard earned cash on a gorgeous pair of dainty pearl stud earrings if you are wearing your hair long, you would be better opting for longer styled bridal earnings which will be seen & compliment your hair do.

Pearls are the traditional choice for the bride - pearl jewellery was historically given to the bride as a gift from the Father of the Bride or Father of the Groom as it symbolises love, virtue & prosperity. Pearls are still a must for the bride who is planning a vintage wedding theme have a look in your local Charity or Second Hand Shop where you can often find genuine vintage jewellery without breaking the bank! Time to show off a few pearl necklaces, gorgeous pearl earrings & of course some pearl bracelets too!

wedding gifts


jewellery for weddings

These days of course there is a much wider choice of beading for your bridal jewellery Swarovski Crystal Wedding Jewellery is very fashionable along with Swarovski Crystals, Cubic Zirconia, Rhinestones & Diamantés. It is down to personal choice & budget let's not forget diamonds are still forever & remain a girls best friend so if you can go for it!

I hope we have helped & if you have any questions we are here to help contact us by e-mail or call 01506 467857 to speak to one of our happy team.