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Top Tips on whether a wedding tiara is right for you?

Top Tips on whether a wedding tiara is right for you?

Posted by Jackie - Your Wedding Style Advisor on 2nd May 2017

Wedding Tiara - to wear or not to wear that is the question?

Kate Middleton did & so did Zara Phillips. Rochelle Wiseman went for one on the side but what will Angelina do? The big question of the day is whether wedding tiaras & headbands are in or not as you plan your very special wedding day. Hopefully our blog post will help you decide ........

Weddding tiara with pearls and diamantes vintage style

Is it a Wedding Tiara or a Diadem?

This bit is for you history buffs who like to know how the tradition of wearing a bridal tiara came about so here is your answer...The word Diadem derives from the Greek διάδημα diádēma meaning "band" or "fillet although most historians credit the Egyptians for creating the first tiaras. Tiaras have always been closely associated with Royalty with the beautiful Princess always wearing a very sparkly tiara as she is rescued by her Knight in shining armour or waltzed down the aisle with her ever so handsome dashing Groom by her side. It is fair to say that the tiara enjoyed its most glamorous heyday between the early 1800s and the beginning of World War I but lost its way during the 1960's, 1970's & probably into the 80's but slowly the wedding tiara has been making it's way back into fashion & certainly in 2012 is the must have wedding accessory for the Bride.

Wedding Tiaras - Inspirational Styles

Decision made - the tiara is in!

It's true there are so many different  wedding tiaras & headband styles it is difficult to know where to go next or which one to choose. The first thing to do is to have a think about your hair style for your wedding day. What is the design of your wedding dress & your wedding day theme .... conjure up a picture in your mind .... do you have a wedding day scrapbook full of ideas or are you more of the techie kind & have your own Pinterest board? You might have had a look at a few Wedding Magazines or even visited a few Wedding Shows looking for inspiration .... don't forget to check out forums as they are often a great way to research what's in or not & at the same time exchange ideas with other Brides. Don't forget to chat to your hairdresser too about ideas you have about your hair style & wedding hair accessories!

To help we thought we would showcase a small selection of bridal tiaras & headbands along with a few tiara combs which cover a variety of wedding day themes from vintage to shabby chic from traditional to modern ......... we have them all!

Welcome to our Wedding Tiara Catwalk

Show time!

Ladies may we introduce our first stunning models ..... the versatile vintage tiara girls ....

Bridal Tiara with Ivory Pearls & AB Crystals & vintage side tiaras ideas

If you are looking for the golden touch try these for size .... to start a gorgeous pearl wedding tiara & to follow a simple but very elegant gold diamante bridal tiara just perfect for you to wear at your wedding when you marry your hunky Robin Hood .... it is aptly named 'Marion'.

Gold wedding tiaras from Aye Do UK with diamantes and pearls

Side tiaras have been a bit hit this year as they are very fashionable & come in a range of styles to suit most wedding themes & are especially good if you are looking for a vintage tiara design. So to help here are a few of our favourite best sellers:

Side wedding headband tiaras on up hair syles

And to finish off our wonderful Bridal Tiara catwalk show here are three not so modest, shy or retiring wedding tiaras who could not wait to show themselves off to you ....

Weddding headbands and tiaras with Swarovski crystals and pearls

How do I wear my Wedding Tiara?

Whether you have opted for a dainty petite tiara or a large bold headband when worn you should feel like a Princess! Most wedding tiaras come in a standard headband size with a second smaller size for a childs tiara. All bands should be pliable & easily manipulated to make the band smaller or larger depending on individual needs & hair styles. Don't be afraid of your tiara it won't bite it just wants to be warm & snuggly .... sitting on your head complimenting your wedding dress & bridal accessories but not taking over .... you should be able to almost forget you are wearing a tiara as the right one will fit like a hand in a glove. If you have very fine hair your hairdresser will probably advise you to use a few discreetly placed hair pins just to added confidence that your wedding tiara will stay in place no matter how hard you party at your Reception!

And of course we have been talking about hair accessories for you but do not forget the rest of your bridal party as you might like to consider buying bridesmaids tiaras for those lovely ladies who will have the honour of escorting you down the aisle!

Give a Wedding Tiara a home .....

Have we convinced you to wear a tiara on your Wedding Day? we hope so as they are gorgeous & can really add that wow factor whatever your wedding style, theme or colour.

Have fun browsing our site and few our gorgeous range of wedding tiaras.  Don't forget to enlist the help of your hairdresser, make use of Forums, check out ideas in the Wedding Magazines but most important of all go try some on .....take your Mum or Best Friend & go have some girlie fun!

Silver wedding tiaras and side headbands from Aye Do UK

We hope you enjoyed this bridal tiaras blog post, we would love to hear from you (we are here in the UK) so drop us a line on our contact page or give us a call ....  01506 467857 ..... come & visit us today at www.ayedoweddings.co.uk - happy tiara hunting!

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