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How to care for your hair before the big day

How to care for your hair before the big day

Posted by Joana Teixeira on 27th Oct 2017

How to care for your hair before the big day.

Getting married is one of the most exciting events in anyone’s life and preparing for it is a big task. There are so many things to think about from what food to serve to who to invite, where to have the event and who should be in the bridal party. Of course, one thing many brides think about is their wedding look: what dress to buy and which shoes, how to do their make-up and style their hair.

The latter of these - how to do your hair - is particularly important, but often not given as much time as it deserves. Indeed, finding the right look for your big day can be more complicated than it seems. To help those who aren’t quite sure where to start here’s a step by step guide to looking after your hair right up until the big day.

Plan in advance

As with all wedding prep, the most important thing is planning ahead. Think about the type of hair you have and when it looks at its best. Go back through memories and old photos and when you see your hair looking particularly great try to remember what you had done to get it like this. Think broadly not just about style, but about hair care too – which products were you using or have you used that make it look great? Does your diet affect how your hair is looking? Which stylists and hairdressers have given you the best results in the past? Use all this information to inform your plans for the big day.

Make sure you have the correct equipment to hand

Ahead of the wedding it’s important to make sure you have the key pieces of haircare equipment that will enable you to take best care of your hair. You will know what these are from personal experience – they differ wildly depending on your type of hair and haircare regime. However there are some key pieces of kit that are useful for pretty much everyone. For example, a detangling brush is a must for anyone with medium to long hair. Good quality curling tongs and straighteners are also very useful. If you don’t have these items already get some advice before deciding which to buy. There’s lots of variation even in something as basic as a detangling brush and making sure you get a good one can make all the different to your wedding look.

Get the advice of a specialist

Finally it’s important to get the advice of a specialist when planning out your wedding haircare. A professional who has been involved in the weddings of many different brides will be able to give you a personalised plan on how to make sure your hair looks great in the run up to the big day. For example after assessing your hair they will be able to tell you how often to deep condition and when to shampoo your hair in the week before your wedding.

While there are so many things to think about when getting married try not to neglect yourself and your look, especially your haircare. Not only will having great hair make you look great, it’ll also make you feel confident too, and that’s the ultimate style accessory for any bride.