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Bridal beauty: from head to toe

Bridal beauty: from head to toe

Posted by Joana Teixeira on 16th Jun 2017

Bridal beauty: from head to toe

Your wedding day is – of course – the most important day of your life. So you’re definitely going to want to look your best. The only problem is that with everything else to organise, beauty can sometimes take a bit of a back seat. Sorting out the seating plan, choosing flowers, placating bridesmaids... There’s so much to do. Pampering and making yourself feel gorgeous is still a priority though – that’s why we’ve put together this bridal beauty guide to get you ready from head to toe.


Great hair can make a big difference to your look, so make sure you plan this well. Research online if you’re wondering what style would look best or how often should you wash your hair in the week before the wedding (find that here). You may also want to consult a stylist – most of them do special bridal packages where they’ll try out different styles on you and give advice for the big day. Get a few recommendations and have a test run – it’s important to get this right!


Every bride wants radiant skin on her big day. This will make you glow, but can require a bit of work. Make sure to start using daily moisturisers in the months running up to the big day and good quality sun cream whenever the weather is nice. A couple of weeks before the wedding, use a face mask and scrub, but avoid these too close to your big day in case of any nasty reactions.

Eyes and lips

Getting the right make-up for your wedding is tricky. You want to look spectacular, but don’t want to pile it on and have a melted face by the end of the day. As with hair, the best way to approach this issue is with some professional advice. Find a make-up artist who you trust and book in a session to try different ideas. Think about the timing of your wedding and how others in the bridal party will style themselves too so there is consistency in your look.


There’s so much pressure on brides to be skinny these days that the most important thing to say here is not to worry too much. Don’t pressure yourself to slim down fast before your wedding, you’ll just start piling on the pounds during the honeymoon and feel rubbish as a result. Instead, eat healthy and nutritious food that makes you feel good and enjoy your body whatever size and shape it might be.

Legs and feet

A bit of moisturising goes a long way when it comes to the lower limbs. Buy an effective body scrub and get rid of any rough, dry skin in the weeks prior to the big day. If your legs are going to be on show, try one of the gradual-build tanning lotions to get a natural looking glow.

By following these tips, you know you’ll feel a million dollars when the big day comes. Just remember if you have questions like how often should you wash your hair or what eye make-up to use then look online for help or get professional advice. And whatever happens, remember that your wedding should be the happiest day of your life and that alone will make you shine.