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GMG922 Wedding Hair Comb (blo)

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Pearl & Crystal Wedding Haircomb with its design roots firmly in the romantic glamorous 1940's buy today from www.ayedo.co.uk
1940's Inspired Pearl & Crystal Wedding Haircomb - Captivating lavish bridal comb with its design roots firmly set in the romantic vintage 1940's. Radiant pearls mixed with dazzling crystals are used to dramatic effect in this hair accessory which oozes elegance & glamour. The comb can once again be worn to the side or back of your heads & on our 3rd image our model bride is wearing two on these hair combs for extra effect. The comb detail may be smaller than others measuring approx 7cm x 5cm but do not underestimate the punch this little fella has!

(blo) box400.jpg